Legal Agreement

The Scania Media Provider is an ongoing digital collection of contents related to business areas, in all their diversity. It includes material, images and films for all product areas, pictures of staff, buildings and events, material related to research and development, production, components and historical subjects. Its scope is global. The main focus is on our products after 1995.

All contents of the Scania Media Provider are copyright © Scania CV AB (publ), SE-151 87 Södertälje, Sweden, or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved.

Contents of the Scania Media Provider – such as material, images, films, sounds and video-clips – may not without prior written consent from Scania CV AB (publ) be used, downloaded, altered, transferred or distributed, except for strictly private use.

The use of contents of the Scania Media Provider in media and for commercial purposes is only allowed by employees of Scania CV AB (publ) or its subsidiaries or assigned and any juridical or physical person as designated by Scania CV AB (publ) or its subsidiaries.

Except as explicitly stated above, Scania Image Desk,shall be contacted for written consent to use contents of the Scania Media Provider.

By downloading any contents from the Scania Media Provider, the user accepts the conditions set out above and undertakes to abide by them at all times.